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How to Apply for an Electronic Visa to Enter Vietnam If You Hold a Spanish Passport 2023

Traveling into Vietnam is a straightforward procedure for those who have a Spanish passport. When visiting Vietnam, Spanish nationals are eligible for a visa exemption scheme that allows them to remain for up to 15 days. Additionally, Spanish nationals may apply online for an e-visa to extend their stay in Vietnam. Because of this, a significant number of Spanish individuals have decided to spend their vacations in Vietnam rather than in any other country. In this post, you will learn more about the criteria for obtaining a Vietnam E-visa for Spanish citizens, including how to apply for a visa, how long the processing time is, and how much the visa costs.

1/ Requirement of a Visa to Enter Vietnam for Citizens of Spain in 2023

This visa policy enables holders of Spanish passports to enter and remain in Vietnam without the need for a visa for a duration of less than 15 days. The Vietnam government has reintroduced the visa waiver program for Spanish people beginning in 2022. The policy of not requiring a visa for Spanish citizens traveling to Vietnam by air, land, or sea is exempt from this requirement.

When entering Vietnam, Spanish travelers need just present their original passports as long as their stay would be under 15 days. Spanish travelers will get an admission stamp that indicates the maximum time of stay allowed is 15 days.

If Spanish nationals want to stay in Vietnam for more than 15 days, they are need to get a visa in advance. In this situation, having an electronic visa would be helpful. The Vietnam e-Visa is now easily obtainable for any Spanish citizen who has a passport and wishes to visit Vietnam. This makes traveling to Vietnam with a Spanish passport simple and uncomplicated.

Vietnam extends its invitation to tourists from all around the globe, and the country’s electronic visa application system is once again available to anyone holding Spanish passports. When applying for a Vietnam e-Visa, nationals of Spain are required to have the following papers on hand:

  • A valid Spanish passport that is at least six months old from the date of entrance;
  • At least two blank pages in the passport that may be used to place verification stamps.
  • A photocopy of the biographical page from the passport
  • A picture of yourself without your spectacles

2/ The steps that Spanish citizens need to do in order to acquire an electronic visa for Vietnam in 2023

E-visa applications for Vietnam may be made with relative ease by those who have a Spanish passport. The application process may be finished in a scant five minutes if you do it online. After you have completed the online application form, you will be sent an email including all of the pertinent information about the visa.

To apply for an electronic visa to Vietnam as a Spanish citizen, please follow the four fundamental procedures below:

Step 1: Provide your personal information by filling out the secure online application form located at . This includes your complete name, gender, birth date, passport number, date of arrival/departure, and other pertinent information.

Step 2: Confirm that the information you entered is accurate by doing it again, and then proceed to pay the cost for your e-visa using an electronic payment method.

Step 3: Check your email for the confirmation of the receipt of your visa application form. The e-Visa application will be reviewed and approved online before being printed out and shipped to you.

The fourth step is to download and print off your Vietnam e-Visa when you have received it in your email inbox. When you arrive in Vietnam, all you need to do for entry formalities is display your passport and electronic visa.

3/ How much does it cost to apply for a Vietnam e-visa in Spanish in 2023?

The costs for a Vietnam e-visa may be broken down into two categories: the Visa Service Fee, and the Visa Government Fee.

The payment of the government fee is required of all Spanish nationals who want to apply for an electronic visa for Vietnam. The service charge is employed to apply for an electronic visa for Vietnam as well as speed up the procedure of obtaining an electronic visa in the event that you want the result quickly.

Vietnam is one of the few nations in the world that provides a visa alternative at a reduced cost. Spanish residents are able to pick the most suited solution while staying within their financial means if they compare prices and get the best deal. The following are the many sorts of services that Spanish speakers may choose from while using Vietnam E-Visa services:

  • Normal service: This choice is appropriate for you if you are working with a constrained budget. You may expect to hear back from us on your visa application within three business days.
  • Urgent service: If you choose this option, your Vietnam e-Visa will be sent to you within one business day.
  • The Super Urgent service is currently the one that provides the quickest turnaround time. You should be able to anticipate receiving your Vietnam e-visa within two working hours.

Click on this link  in order to check the price of an E-visa for Vietnam in Spanish for the year 2023.

4/ With a Vietnam E-visa 2023, how long is a Spanish national’s maximum stay in Vietnam?

E-visas are single-entry visas that are valid for a maximum of 30 days. E-visas allow visitors to Vietnam to remain for up to 30 days at most if they possess a Spanish passport. The length of time that an e-Visa for Vietnam is valid for starts counting down from the date that is printed on the document that confirms it has been authorized.

Visitors from Spain may enter Vietnam at any time throughout the validity period of their visa approval if they have an E-visa. However, Spanish nationals should pay careful attention to the expiration date printed on their visas.

In conclusion, we have just gone over some helpful information on the prerequisites for obtaining a Vietnam e-visa with a Spanish passport, as well as the process for applying for a Vietnam e-visa with a Spanish passport and the cost of obtaining a Vietnam e-visa with a Spanish passport. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via our email address, which is .


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