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2023 Vietnam Visa

Vietnam Electronic Visa for New Zealand Passport Holders Traveling to Ho Chi Minh City in 2023

Ho Chi Minh is a major city in Vietnam that draws visitors from all over the globe. When planning a trip to Vietnam, many people from New Zealand opt to base themselves in the city of Ho Chi Minh due to its abundance of stunning scenery, tasty meals, and tourist attractions. This post is a great resource for Kiwis thinking about visiting Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh City’s entrance requirements for New Zealand passport holders are outlined in depth, as is the process for obtaining a Vietnam Electronic Visa or extending an existing one.

1/ Do New Zealanders need a visa to enter Ho Chi Minh City?

Visitor regulations to enter Ho Chi Minh City are similar to those of other major Vietnamese cities. New Zealand passport holders will need a visa to enter Vietnam via the city of Ho Chi Minh City. You may apply for this visa at any Vietnamese consulate or embassy, or you can do it online.

Some websites may lead you to believe that citizens of New Zealand don’t need a visa to enter Vietnam, but they’re mistaken. Visas are not required for New Zealand nationals who travel to Phu Quoc and remain on the island for a period of time. New Zealand citizens visiting Ho Chi Minh City will not be eligible for the visa waiver scheme.

Visas are necessary for visitors with a New Zealand passport to enter Ho Chi Minh City. New Zealand nationals need to get this visa before travelling to Ho Chi Minh City, since airline personnel will do visa checks prior to allowing passengers to board.

However, getting a Vietnam visa is a breeze for citizens of New Zealand. To apply for a visa, they need to visit the relevant website. Their Ho Chi Minh visa will be processed and sent to them within 3 business days.

2/ Required Forms for New Zealand Citizens Flying to Ho Chi Minh City on an Electronic Visa in 2023

Actually, all you need is a few pieces of paper to apply for a Vietnam e-visa. New Zealanders applying for a visa online will just require a few minutes to complete the whole process. A digital picture and a scan of the information page from a valid passport are all that is required of New Zealand nationals.

Passports must be at least six months old and clearly display all personal and travel details in order to enter New Zealand. A recent (within the last 6 months) headshot is required, and it is essential that no glasses be shown.

Those hailing from New Zealand are need to give an email address in order to get their visa application results. Verify the email address is working, and don’t make a typo while filling out the visa application.

3/ E-Visa Requirements for Visiting Ho Chi Minh City for New Zealanders in 2023

See below for information on how to apply for an e-visa to Vietnam so that New Zealand citizens may visit Ho Chi Minh City:

As a first step, please visit  to access the Vietnam E-visa application form.

As a second step, please provide the following details:

Any and all information pertaining to a New Zealand citizen’s identity, visa, and travel plans must be disclosed. Incorrect information on the application form will result in a denied visa.

New Zealanders flying into Ho Chi Minh City should choose “Tan Son Nhat airport – Ho Chi Minh city” as their entry port. Currently, this airport serves Ho Chi Minh City.

Third, scan and upload your passport picture.

To complete the application process, New Zealanders will need to provide a picture of themselves and a scan of their passport. All information included inside these images must be clearly visible.

Stage 4: Pay the Application Fee and Review the Form

New Zealanders applying for visas should double-check their applications before submitting their payment. Payment is required to start the processing of a Vietnam e-visa for New Zealand citizens. New Zealand passport holders should expect to wait a maximum of 3 business days for their Vietnam e-visa to be processed (this does not include weekends or holidays in Vietnam).

When an electronic visa is accepted, a notification email will be sent to the address provided in the visa application. Tourists from New Zealand need to carry a printed copy of this entry form together with their passports when travelling to Ho Chi Minh City.

4/ Entry requirements to Ho Chi Minh city for New Zealand citizens 2023

The next issue on the minds of many Kiwis who have obtained their Vietnam e-visa is whether or not they need any other documentation in order to enter Ho Chi Minh City in 2023. Is there anything special that Kiwis need to know before getting on a plane to Ho Chi Minh City? Do citizens of New Zealand need a Covid-19 visa to enter the country?

Covid-19-related travel restrictions have been revoked by Vietnam. New Zealanders travelling into Ho Chi Minh City no longer need to provide a Covid-19 certificate, such as a vaccination certificate, negative test, or insurance.

Immigration officials in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, only care about these two things when a New Zealander lands there:

  • Valid passport in original form for a minimum of 6 months
  • Vietnam Electronic Visa Hard Copy

5/ Vietnam E-visa extension in Ho Chi Minh for New Zealand People 2023

Visitors from New Zealand using an E-visa should know that there is a 30-day limit on their stay in Vietnam’s Ho Chi Minh City. Visa extensions are the solution for people who want to extend their stay in Vietnam. How may New Zealand citizens in Ho Chi Minh City have their Vietnam e-visas extended?

Please be aware that the window to extend your Vietnam visa beyond 2023 has already ended. Whether a New Zealander is in Ho Chi Minh City or elsewhere in Vietnam, they will not be able to extend their 30-day E-visa. To extend their stay in Vietnam beyond 30 days, Kiwis will need to leave the country and return with a fresh E-visa.

The regulations for extending a Vietnam e-visa are subject to regular revision. New Zealand passport holders may reapply for a visa extension at any time. As a result, if you are in Ho Chi Minh and need to renew your Vietnam E-visa, please contact us at  for the most recent information.

In conclusion, New Zealanders travelling to Ho Chi Minh City in 2023 may use the Vietnam E-visa to enter the country. The application for this visa may be completed in as little as three business days online. New Zealand citizens no longer need to worry about bringing a slew of documentation in order to visit Ho Chi Minh City, as Vietnam has lifted all Covid-19 entrance requirements. Please feel free to contact us at  if you have any questions concerning the Vietnam E-visa for entering Ho Chi Minh City if you are a New Zealand passport holder.

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