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Vietnam E-visa for IRELAND Passport Flying to Noi Bai Airport 2023 – How To Apply For A Vietnam E-visa To Enter Noi Bai Airport For IRELAND

You’re planning a vacation to Vietnam and want to fly into Noi Bai Airport. You want to know more about the Vietnam E-visa for IRELAND passport holders visiting Vietnam via Noi Bai airport? If so, you’ve come to the correct spot. In this article, we provide detailed information about Vietnam E-visa requirements for IRELAND passport holders, procedures to obtain a Vietnam E-visa for flying to Noi Bai airport with an IRELAND passport, entry requirements at Noi Bai airport with an IRELAND passport, and an introduction to the Noi Bai airport fast track service for IRELAND citizens. Let’s go!

1/ Can an IRELAND passport with E-visa be used to visit Vietnam via Noi Bai airport in 2023?

The Vietnam E-visa will reopen in March 2022, and IRELAND passport holders may apply for this online visa to obtain admission into Vietnam. However, this E-visa may only be used to enter Vietnam via particular entry points. Is it possible to enter Noi Bai airport with an Irish passport and a Vietnam E-visa?

In reality, the Vietnam government has restored all restrictions relating to Vietnam E-visa, including entrance port while using Vietnam E-visa. Noi Bai airport is one of eight international airports that allow IRELAND citizens with a valid E-visa. It implies that individuals from Ireland with a valid E-visa may enter Vietnam via Noi Bai airport.

Important note: In order to enter Vietnam through Noi Bai airport, the entry port in the Vietnam E-visa approval must reflect “Noi Bai airport.” If travellers from Ireland utilize an E-visa with multiple entry points, they will be refused access to Noi Bai Airport.

2/ Vietnam E-visa for IRELAND passport Flying to Noi Bai Airport in 2023

The Vietnam E-visa for IRELAND citizens flying to Noi Bai is a single entry visa with a maximum validity of 30 days. When applying for a Vietnam E-visa online from Ireland, applicants must provide the entrance and leave dates. This E-visa will become invalid as soon as persons from Ireland leave Vietnam.

The Noi Bai airport E-visa for IRELAND passport is only valid for entering Noi Bai airport. It is not possible for people from Ireland to enter Vietnam through different airports.

For IRELAND passport holders, the processing of a Vietnam E-visa for entry into Noi Bai airport takes three working days. In an emergency, IRELAND applicants can use the urgent service to expedite the Vietnam E-visa process. In this case, an E-visa can be approved within 1 working day or even 2 working hours.

Before flying to Noi Bai Airport, IRELAND visitors will be asked to show their passport and E-visa. IRELAND visitors will be denied boarding if they do not have an E-visa. Make sure you have an E-visa before flying to Noi Bai airport.

3/ How to Apply for a Vietnam E-visa to Enter Noi Bai Airport for Irish Citizens in 2023

In fact, obtaining a Vietnam E-visa for IRELAND flights to Noi Bai airport is a very simple process. All processes will be completed online by completing the Visa application form, and visa approval will be sent to the IRELAND applicant’s email. Make certain that you enter the correct name of the Noi Bai airport on the visa application form.

Step 1: Go to the Vietnam E-visa application form for IRELAND passport online.

To start the visa application process, go to .

Step 2: Enter all required information

  • Applicants from IRELAND must complete the visa application form with all personal and visa information.
  • Please select “Noi Bai airport” with care. When your visa is approved, you can enter Vietnam through the Noi Bai airport.

Step 3: Upload your passport and a photo.

Applicants from IRELAND must submit a passport information page (scan or photo) as well as a personal photo. All documents must be uploaded to the visa application form.

Step 4: Review and pay

Applicants from IRELAND should review all information in their visa order before making payment online. After successfully paying, an email confirmation will be sent to the applicant’s email address.

Vietnam E-visa will be approved and sent to email after the processing time (3 working days for standard service and 1 working day for urgent service). Irish citizens only need to print it and prepare to fly to Noi Bai Airport.

4/ Entry requirements for IRELAND citizens at Noi Bai airport in 2023

All Covid-19 prevention entry restrictions have been lifted as of May 2022. IRELAND passport holders with a Vietnam E-visa can enter Noi Bai airport without a lot of paperwork:

  • IRELAND passport entering Noi Bai airport with E-visa Quarantine IS NOT REQUIRED
  • IRELAND passport entering Noi Bai airport with E-visa DO NOT NEED TO SHOW Covid-19 vaccination certificate
  • IRELAND passport entering Noi Bai airport with E-visa A negative Covid-19 test is not required.
  • IRELAND passport entering Noi Bai airport with E-visa COvid-19 insurance is not required.
  • IRELAND passport entering Noi Bai airport with E-visa DO NOT NEED TO SHOW Covid-19 medical declaration

All documents that people from Ireland must present when arriving at Noi Bai Airport are as follows:

  • Original passport with a validity period of more than six months
  • Hard copy of Vietnam E-visa with “Noi Bai airport as entry port”

5/ Noi Bai Airport Fast Track Service for IRELAND Citizens 2023

After reopening the borders and welcoming back tourists, Noi Bai airport is usually crowded at all times. This is why IRELAND visitors and foreigners from all over the world must wait in long lines for entry procedures. Waiting at the passport control counter for an entry stamp normally takes 30 minutes. It may take longer at times because many tourists arrive at the same time. It’s not a problem for those who aren’t in a hurry. However, it is not a pleasant sensation for those who are tired after a long flight.

There is an airport support service (also known as the Noi Bai airport Fast Track service) that assists IRELAND visitors in completing all entry processes in under 5 minutes. Passengers with an IRELAND passport can use this service to enter Vietnam quickly.

With the Noi Bai fast track service:

  • After landing in IRELAND, passengers will be met by airport personnel.
  • People from Ireland will enter Vietnam through VIP land.
  • Airport personnel will assist IRELAND citizens in completing the entry process in 5 minutes.

How to Book Noi Bai Airport Fast Track Service for IRELAND Citizens in 2023?

When filling out the Vietnam E-visa application form online at , IRELAND passport holders can select the fast track service. Simply select “On Arrival Support service” as an add-on service, and we will arrange for staff to assist you after you arrive at Noi Bai airport.

People from IRELAND must provide flight information in order to book fast track service. Please enter the correct flight information so that we can arrange for a driver to pick you up and assist you.

We recently learned about the Vietnam E-visa for IRELAND passport holders entering Noi Bai airport, as well as the Noi Bai airport entry requirements for IRELAND citizens and the Noi Bai airport Fast Track service for IRELAND citizens. If you require any additional information, please contact us via email at .

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