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Vietnam E-visa for Americans Flying to Hanoi in 2023 – How To Apply for a Vietnam electronic visa to enter Hanoi for U.S. citizens

This post is really helpful for US passport holders who are planning a trip to Hanoi. This is a thorough guide for US residents to get a Vietnam e-visa in order to visit Hanoi. It gives thorough information on Vietnam visa requirements for US persons entering Hanoi, how to apply for a Vietnam E-visa for flying to Hanoi, Hanoi entrance requirements for US citizens, and Vietnam E-visa renewal for US citizens in Hanoi.

1/ Do US passport holders require visa for visiting Ha Noi 2023?

The admission criteria into Hanoi vary based on the country of the visitor. There are now 24 nations that are free from the Vietnam visa requirement while visiting Hanoi, however the United States is not one of them. When entering Ha Noi, citizens of the United States must have a valid visa. This visa must be acquired before to travelling to Hanoi since the airline crew checks visas before allowing United States citizens to board.

Although United States citizens are required to obtain a visa to travel to Hanoi, they may quickly apply for a Vietnam E-visa online and get visa clearance within three business days. The online application for a Vietnam E-Visa for a U.S. passport may be completed in a matter of minutes with basic personal and visa information.

Vietnam E-visa will allow US citizens to enter Vietnam via Hanoi for a maximum of 30 days. It is valid for several reasons, such as tourism, business, visiting family or friends, learning, etc.

2/ Vietnam E-visa Prerequisites for Americans Flying to Ha Noi in 2023

To apply for a Vietnam E-visa for a trip to Hanoi, US passport holders must satisfy the conditions for a Vietnam online visa. All US candidates must have the following:

  • Passport from the United States valid for at least six months beyond the anticipated date of arrival in Ha Noi
  • Digital picture of the biographical page of the passport
  • Recently captured image (without glasses)
  • Valid debit or credit card for payment of the Vietnam visa fee online

People in the United States must additionally supply a valid email address that they often check. The approved Vietnam E-visa will be emailed to this email address after it has been completed. U.S. citizens may then print a copy to give to Hanoi officials upon arrival.

3/ How to apply Vietnam E-visa to enter Ha Noi For US passport holders 2023

Step 1: Click  to access the Vietnam E-visa application form for U.S. citizens.

Step 2: US applicants choose all pertinent fields on the E-visa application form.

Verify that you have entered the correct entering airport.

Step 3: Applicants from the United States must submit their passport and picture

When applying for a Vietnam e-visa, U.S. nationals must provide a digital picture of themselves and a scan of their passport.

Step 4: United States applicants examine the application form and submit payment

After payment, the Vietnam E-visa for U.S. citizens will be processed. Vietnam E-visa processing time for U.S. citizens is typically three business days, excluding weekends and Vietnamese holidays.

After E-visa acceptance, it will be sent to the applicant’s address in the United States. To enter Ha Noi, U.S. travelers must print out the entry form and present it with their passport.

4/ Entry criteria to Ha Noi for US citizens in 2023

From May 2022 on, all Covid-19 entry limitations for Ha Noi are lifted. Tourists possessing a U.S. passport and a Vietnam E-visa may visit Hanoi without difficulty or the need to prepare several documentation.

  • Tourists from the United States entering Ha Noi using an E-visa NOT REQUIRED to observe quarantine
  • Tourists from the United States entering Ha Noi using an E-visa NOT required to show Covid-19 immunization certificate
  • E-visa holders from the United States entering Ha Noi NOT required to show Covid-19 test negative
  • Tourists from the United States entering Ha Noi using an E-visa NOT required to display Covid -19 insurance
  • Tourists from the United States entering Ha Noi using an E-visa NOT required to show Covid-19 medical declaration

When travelling to Hanoi, U.S. passport holders must provide the following documents:

  • Original passport valid for more than six months
  • Paper version of Vietnam E-visa

5/ Vietnam E-visa extension for US nationals in Ha Noi 2023

Vietnam E-visa is a single-entry visa valid for a maximum of 30 days. People from the United States who want to remain in Vietnam for more than 30 days must get a visa extension. Can Vietnam E-visa extensions for Americans be extended in Hanoi? How can United States passport holders extend their Vietnam E-visa in Hanoi?

In 2023, Vietnam E-visa extension is not available. E-visa extensions are not permitted for any US passport holders entering Hanoi with a Vietnam e-visa during this time. There is currently no way to renew a Vietnam E-visa for Americans in Ha Noi. If Americans want to remain in Vietnam for more than 30 days, they must apply for two E-visas and cross the border when the first E-visa is about to expire.

However, Vietnam E-visa extension regulations change regularly. Visa extensions for United States passport holders might be reopened without notice. Send us an email at  to confirm that we have the most recent information on Vietnam E-visa extension in Hanoi. After receiving your inquiry, we will quickly respond.

In 2023, U.S. citizens are needed to get a visa to enter Ha Noi. To travel to Ha Noi, U.S. residents may apply for a Vietnam E-visa online. The online application is incredibly straightforward and easy, allowing US individuals to apply for a Vietnam E-visa from any location. Please feel free to contact us through email at  if you have any questions concerning the Vietnam E-visa for entry into Hanoi for US passport holders.

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