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[Vietnam Business E-visa for Irish Citizens in 2023] How Irish Businessmen Can Get an E-Visa for Vietnam for Business

All Irish businessmen who want to go to Vietnam do need a visa. Irish passport holders can now get a Vietnam business visa easily and quickly. The Vietnam e-Visa was made available on February 1, 2017, to get rid of the last obstacle for foreign visitors, especially Irish businessmen. With the Vietnam business E-visa, Irish businessmen can apply for a visa online and get it in just a few minutes.

1/ What an e-visa for Irish business in Vietnam is and how to use it

Vietnam E-visa is the most modern way to get a visa for Vietnam. With this method, people with an Irish passport can do everything online and get the visa approval via email. Irish businesspeople can easily apply for a Vietnam business E-visa online.

Vietnam business E-visa is a one-month single-entry visa that can be used for business, such as:

  • Irish people who come to Vietnam for a short working trip can use Vietnam business E-visa.
  • Irish people who want to do business in Vietnam can use an E-visa for Vietnam business.
  • Irish people who go to Vietnam to attend seminars or meetings can use an E-visa for business.
  • Irish people who come to Vietnam to sign a contract or check out the market can use an E-visa for business.
  • Those from Ireland who want to invest in Vietnam can use an E-visa for business.
  • Irish people who come to Vietnam to meet business partners or suppliers can use an E-visa for business.

2/ Where can Irish people with a business E-visa enter Vietnam?

Irish people can use a Vietnam business E-visa to enter Vietnam through 33 entry points, including airports, land borders, and seaports.

Using a Vietnam business E-visa, Irish people can enter Vietnam through the following ports:

Even though there are a lot of ports of entry into Vietnam that Irish businesspeople can use with a Business E-visa, they must choose a specific port of entry when filling out the online E-visa application form. After the E-visa is approved, Irish businessmen must enter Vietnam through the port listed in the E-visa approval. If an Irish businessman changes the port of entry, he or she must apply for the new Business E-visa.

3/ Validity of Vietnam business E-visa for Irish

As we’ve already said, the type of entry and length of time an Irish person can stay in Vietnam on a business E-visa is limited. Irish businessmen, in particular, can only apply for a single-entry business E-visa that is only good for 30 days. The Irish business E-visa for Vietnam does not currently support multiple entries or stays longer than 30 days.

4/ What you need and how to get an e-visa for business in Vietnam if you are Irish in 2023

Irish businessmen only need to gather the following documents to apply for a Vietnam business E-visa:

  • A photo of the full data page of your passport
  • A picture of you (without glasses)

These documents have to be in digital files because Irish businesspeople have to upload them when they fill out the visa application form.

5/ How to apply for a business E-visa for Vietnam from Ireland in 2023?

The application form for a Vietnam business E-visa can be found at this link:

Irish businesspeople need to fill out the application form with all of the necessary information. Then Irish must upload a photo of himself and a copy of his passport to finish the online application process.

Vietnam business E-visa application form for Irish is easy to fill out. The online application will be done in a few minutes.

Then, Irish businesspeople will get a code that lets them check the result. The result will be ready after 3 working days of processing. After the business E-visa is approved, Irish will get an email telling them about the visa result.

Please print out the visa if the request is approved. At the entry gate, Irish businessmen must show this E-visa and their passport to the immigration officer. After arriving in Vietnam, you don’t need any other papers.

In conclusion, Irish people can get a business E-visa for Vietnam in 2023. Irish businessmen can easily apply for a business E-visa and get an entry permit in 3 business days. Please don’t hesitate to email us at if you have any questions about the Vietnam business E-visa.

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