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[Vietnam Business E-visa For Dutch Citizens 2023] How Dutch Businessmen Can Apply for an Electronic Visa for Vietnam

All Dutch businesspeople do require visa to enter Vietnam. Obtaining a Vietnam business visa with a Dutch passport is now a simple and straightforward process. Vietnam e-Visa was established on the 1st of February 2017 in an effort to reduce the last barrier for international visitors, particularly Dutch businesspeople. With a Vietnam business E-visa, Dutch businesses may apply for a visa online and have their application processed in a matter of minutes.

1/ Definition & Usage of Vietnam Business E-Visa for Dutch 2023

Vietnam E-visa is the most modern technique of visa issuance for Vietnam. This option enables Dutch passport holders to finish the whole procedure online and get visa clearance through email. Businessmen from the Netherlands may simply apply for a Vietnam E-visa online.

Vietnam business E-visa is a one-month, single-entry visa that may be used for business purposes, such as:

  • Vietnam business E-visa can be used by Dutch nationals on a brief business trip to Vietnam.
  • Dutch nationals seeking business prospects in Vietnam may apply for a Vietnam business E-visa.
  • The Netherlands may utilise the Vietnam business E-visa to attend seminars and meetings in Vietnam.
  • Dutch travellers visiting Vietnam for business purposes, such as contract signing or market research, may apply for a Vietnam business E-visa online.
  • The Netherlands may utilise the Vietnam business E-visa to invest in Vietnam.
  • The Netherlands may utilise the Vietnam business E-visa while travelling to Vietnam to meet with partners or suppliers.

2/ Where may Dutch nationals with an E-visa for business enter Vietnam?

At 33 entry points, including airports, land borders, and seaports, the Dutch may enter Vietnam using a Vietnam business E-visa.

Using a Vietnam business E-visa, the Dutch are able to enter Vietnam through the following entry points:

Although there are a number of Vietnam entrance ports that enable Dutch travellers with a Business E-visa to enter the country, Dutch businesspeople must choose a particular entry port on the online E-visa application form. After E-visa approval, Dutch businesspeople are required to enter Vietnam via the port of entry indicated in the E-visa permission. Businessmen from the Netherlands who change their port of entry must apply for the new Business E-visa.

3/ Validity of a Vietnam E-visa for Dutch

As indicated before, the entry type and validity of the Vietnam business E-visa for Dutch nationals are restricted. In particular, only single-entry business E-visas valid for a maximum of 30 days are available to Dutch businesses. The current Dutch business E-visa for Vietnam does not permit repeated entries or stays longer than thirty days.

4/ Requirements and procedure for obtaining a Vietnam business E-visa for the Netherlands in 2023

Dutch businesses should just prepare the following papers to apply for a Vietnam business E-visa:

  • A photograph of the information page
  • A picture of yourself (without glasses)

These papers must be in digital format, since Dutch businesspeople are required to upload them together with their visa application.

5/ How to apply for a Vietnam E-visa for Dutch business purposes in 2023?

This website provides access to the Vietnam business E-visa application form.

The application form must be completed in its whole by Dutch businesspeople. Then, the Dutch must provide a personal picture and a copy of their passport to finish the online application procedure.

The Dutch E-visa application for Vietnam company is relatively easy to fill out. The online application will be completed in just a few minutes.

Then, Dutch businesses will obtain a registration number with which to verify the outcome. The processing time required to provide a result is three business days. After the approval of a business E-visa, the Dutch will be notified through email.

Please print the visa if the request is granted. The E-visa and passport must be presented to the immigration officer at the entrance gate by Dutch businesses. After entering Vietnam, no more paperwork is required.

In conclusion, the Dutch will have access to the Vietnam business E-visa in 2023. Dutch businesspeople may simply submit an E-visa application and get an entrance permission within three business days. Please do not hesitate to contact us by email at for more information on Vietnam business E-visa.

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