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2023 Vietnam Visa

A Step-by-Step Guide to Online Vietnam Visa Application for Irish Travelers Abroad in 2023

Follow the instructions below to get a Vietnam visa simply if you are an Irish citizen living or working abroad. After two years of restrictions, Vietnam reopened its borders to travelers. Numerous aircraft routes have restarted, making it simpler for Irish travelers to reach Vietnam. Those who are not already in Ireland may simply apply online for a Vietnam E-visa, making the process of obtaining a Vietnam visa outside of Ireland relatively simple.

Vietnam has eliminated quarantine procedures and COVID-19 vaccination and testing documentation for Irish passengers. A valid visa and passport are required for Irish travellers to gain admission to Vietnam.

Vietnam has recently reinstated its E-visa scheme for citizens of 80 nations, including Irish passport holders. Irish residing outside of Ireland may apply for a Vietnam E-visa online in 2023 and use this visa to enter Vietnam without any Covid-19 restrictions. Follow the following instructions to get a Vietnam E-visa online if you’re an Irish citizen living outside of Ireland.

Here’s a full guide on applying for a Vietnam e-visa from outside Ireland in 2023:

Step 1: Visit the official website for obtaining a Vietnam E-visa for Irish citizens at  To begin the visa application process, Irish citizens should visit this link. It is accessible in English and fairly straightforward to process. Keep in mind that the e-visa is only valid at a limited number of entry points; please confirm that your intended airports, border land ports, and seaports accept e-visas.

Step 2: Complete the Vietnam E-Visa application form.

At this stage, the Irish must complete the application form with all of the needed details. The Irish may read the description to learn more about the visa for which they are seeking. When filling out the visa application form, it is necessary to provide nationality, purpose of visit, visa type, entrance and departure points, and entry and exit dates.

Then, if necessary, please add the supplemental service:

  • Rapid delivery: Select this option if you want E-visa expeditiously. Standard processing time for a Vietnam e-visa for Irish citizens is three working days. Irish citizens who choose for this service may speed the visa application procedure and get visa results within one business day or two hours.
  • Support Upon Arrival: Select it if the Fast Track service is required. This service is available to people who want to expedite the airport admission process. A support team will be present at the airport to assist with all immigration and entrance procedures.

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Step 3: Provide Email and upload passport and picture

Irish citizens must enter an email address in order to get E-visa approval results. Please provide the proper email address. If you provide an incorrect email address, the E-visa will be sent to the incorrect recipient.

The Irish must next submit a portrait picture and a copy of the data page from their passport.

  • Passport: Irish citizens are able to scan or photograph the data page of their passports, displaying all personal information clearly. Do not allow fingerprints to conceal any information on the passport. Avoid missing any passport corners.
  • Personal photograph: The Irish are able to take your photograph. This picture must vary from the one in your passport. This picture must not include someone wearing glasses and should have a white backdrop.

Step 4: Confirm the details and pay the bill

Irish will get a visa order number when your information has been verified. Make a note of it, since future Irish speakers will need it.

The Irish may then pay the visa service charge using a credit or debit card. After successful payment, an email confirmation will be sent to the email address provided during visa application.

Step 5: Print out E-visa letter

As mentioned in the first instructions, Vietnam E-visa applications for Irish citizens would be handled within three business days. However, if the Irish apply during the peak season for tourist, the application may take longer to complete. There is also an expedited option available for obtaining a Vietnam E-visa. However, Irish citizens are encouraged to apply for a Vietnam e-visa at least 10 days in advance.

After approval, the E-visa will be emailed to the registered email address. Please remember to print the e-visa letter to enter Vietnam if you are Irish. Before allowing Irish passengers to board, the airline crew will verify E-visa clearance.

Irish travelers must present their approved E-visa at Vietnam’s entry point upon arrival.

Thus, Irish citizens with internet connection may apply for and get a Vietnam visa from any location. Irish citizens may apply for a Vietnam e-visa while they are outside of Ireland, and the visa will be granted and sent to them within three working days.

Notes of Importance

  • Check your information twice before to submitting your E-visa
  • Your port of entry cannot be altered once the application has been submitted or the e-visa has been issued. You must submit a new application if you want to make a change.
  • During your stay in Vietnam, you cannot extend your E-visa.

We have recently reviewed the instructions for obtaining a Vietnam e-visa for Irish citizens who are not in Ireland in 2023. Contact us through email at if you have any questions concerning the Vietnam E-visa application process or the Vietnam entrance criteria for Irish citizens.

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