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2023 Vietnam Visa

Detailed Instructions for New Zealand Passport Holders Flying to Tan Son Nhat Airport with Vietnam E-Visa 2023

Many visitors from New Zealand travel through Tan Son Nhat airport, one of Vietnam’s busiest international airports, during their trip there. For entry into Tan Son Nhat airport, New Zealanders may utilise a Vietnam e-visa. The information about the Vietnam electronic visa is provided below for New Zealanders travelling to Vietnam via Tan Son Nhat airport.

1/ Will New Zealanders travelling to Tan Son Nhat Airport in 2023 still be able to get Vietnam electronic visa?

Vietnamese government launched Vietnam E-visa in 2017. It is a single entry visa with a 30-day stay limit. This kind of visa was long discontinued at the time of COVID-19. In 2023, how about that? Can citizens of New Zealand now apply for an e-visa for Vietnam and enter the country via Tan Son Nhat airport?

In actuality, the Vietnam E-visa opened once again in March 2022, allowing holders of New Zealand passports to apply online for entry into Vietnam at 8 international airports. One of these eight airports is Tan Son Nhat Airport.

Flying to Tan Son Nhat airport will allow citizens of New Zealand to enter Vietnam with a valid Vietnam E-visa. Please take notice that you must choose “Tan Son Nhat airport” as your entry port while applying for a Vietnam E-visa online.

2/ Important considerations while requesting Vietnam E-visa with New Zealand passport 2023: Air travel to Tan Son Nhat Airport

A single entry visa for Vietnam is available for citizens of New Zealand travelling to Tan Son Nhat. This E-visa will become void as soon as New Zealanders leave Vietnam. The maximum validity of this sort of visa is 30 days, thus travellers from New Zealand must depart Vietnam before that time.

New Zealanders must choose the entry port when applying for a Vietnam E-visa. Tan Son Nhat airport is the sole entrance point for an e-visa with that entry port. It prohibits New Zealanders from using it to enter Vietnam via several airports.

Three working days are required to get a Vietnam E-visa for travel via Tan Son Nhat airport for citizens of New Zealand. New Zealanders should choose urgent service to hasten the visa application procedure if they are in an urgent circumstance. In this situation, an E-visa may be authorised in as little as one or even two business days.

Visitors from New Zealand will be required to present their passports and E-visas before boarding a flight at Tan Son Nhat Airport. New Zealand travellers will not be allowed to board if their E-visa application is not approved. Make sure you have your E-visa in hand before taking out for Tan Son Nhat airport.

3/ Obtaining a Vietnam E-Visa in 2023 for New Zealanders to Enter Tan Son Nhat Airport

Because the Vietnam E-visa is an online application, New Zealanders may complete it quickly and effortlessly in a few minutes. New Zealanders arriving at Tan Son Nhat Airport may fill out the appropriate forms, attach their passports, and wait until the application procedure is completed. After processing, the applicant’s email will get the E-visa result.

People from New Zealand must first visit this website to fill out an online application for a Vietnam e-visa: .

It is necessary to complete the online form with all pertinent data, including personal, travel, and visa-related details. Make sure you choose “Tan Son Nhat airport” as the appropriate entry point.

The passport information page and a personal picture must then be attached, according to New Zealanders. Before making the payment online, New Zealand applicants should carefully study all the information in their visa orders. An email confirmation will arrive to the applicant’s inbox if the payment is made.

Vietnam E-visa approval will be given to the email address provided on the application form after processing time. All New Zealanders need to do is print it off and be ready to go to Tan Son Nhat airport.

4/ Preparations for New Zealanders using an E-visa at Tan Son Nhat Airport 2023

All Covid-19 travel restrictions have been eliminated by Vietnam as of 2022, allowing visitors from New Zealand to readily access Tan Son Nhat airport. When entering Vietnam via Tan Son Nhat airport, New Zealanders just need to present their New Zealand passport and Vietnam E-visa. Verify that your e-visa shows “Tan Son Nhat airport” as the entry port and that your passport has a validity of at least six months.

When travelling through Tan Son Nhat airport, nationals of New Zealand are not required to provide any immunisation certificates, negative test results, insurance, or other documents.

5/ Fast Track service for New Zealanders at Tan Son Nhat Airport by 2023

New Zealanders might think about using the Fast track service if they don’t want to stand in line and wait for the admission procedure at Tan Son Nhat. This is a method for quickly and easily checking in at the passport control desk.

For New Zealanders, we provide fast track service at Tan Son Nhat airport. We will set up workers to greet and assist when New Zealanders arrive at Tan Son Nhat airport, assist them in skipping the lengthy line and entering by VIP land, and complete the entrance procedure within 5 minutes.

How can New Zealanders book the Fast Track service at Tan Son Nhat Airport in 2023?

New Zealand passport holders may add the fast track service while filling out the Vietnam E-visa application form online at . Simply choose “On Arrival Support service” under add-on services, and we will set up people to assist you once you reach at Tan Son Nhat airport.

When reserving a fast track service, New Zealanders must give their flight information. Make sure the flight information is correct so that we can set up employees to take you up and assist you.

We’ve just provided a tonne of important information for New Zealanders looking to get a Vietnam E-visa, as well as details on the entrance procedure and Tan Son Nhat airport’s fast track service. We really hope it enhances your journey. Please feel free to write us at if you have any questions.

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