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NETHERLANDS Citizens’ Vietnam Business E-Visa in 2023: The 3 Easiest Ways to Apply

Those from the Netherlands who want to do business in Vietnam must first get a business visa for Vietnam. You may enter and exit the country as often as you need to do business when you have a business visa for Vietnam that is valid for up to three months. You may do a number of things during this business time, such as sign contracts, go to B2B meetings, and collaborate with Vietnamese companies to find out about investment prospects in this growing nation. However, according to Covid-19, there are several changes to the conditions for obtaining a business visa for Vietnam with a NETHERLANDS passport at this moment. A business visa for Vietnam may now be obtained in three different methods. Let’s go through the procedure step-by-step so that you may swiftly and simply get your business visa for Vietnam.

1/ Description of the business visa for citizens of the Netherlands

Netherlands citizens who want to do business, interact with clients, or engage in temporary employment in Vietnam must submit an application for a business visa. NETHERLANDS entrepreneurs may enter and exit the country as often as they want with this business visa and remain for a period of one or three months. Dutch nationals may get a business visa for Vietnam in the same ways they can obtain a tourist visa: via the visa on arrival process at one of Vietnam’s international airports, by visiting the Vietnamese Embassy or Consulate in their home country, or by obtaining a business E-visa.

Netherlands nationals may extend their stay in Vietnam without leaving the country by requesting a visa extension or renewal there or by filing for a Vietnam Temporary Residence Card.

Here are various methods to get a business visa for Vietnam for NETHERLANDS businesspeople planning a brief business trip there.

2/ Three methods for Netherlands citizens to get a business visa for Vietnam

Currently, NETHERLANDS nationals may get a business visa for Vietnam in one of three ways:

  • Visit the Vietnamese Embassy or Consulate that is most convenient for you to apply in person for a business visa to Vietnam.
  • Apply for a business visa for Vietnam at a Vietnamese airport (VOA) or
  • Online application for a business E-visa for Vietnam

Each of these options has benefits and drawbacks, but the Vietnam E-visa is the most effective approach for nationals of the Netherlands to get a business visa for Vietnam.

2.1/ Applying for a Vietnam business visa at a Vietnamese embassy or consulate in 2023

What’s crucial:

  • This is how NETHERLANDS citizens often get a business visa for Vietnam.
  • It may be used to apply for a business visa to Vietnam as well as other visas (such as a tourist or student visa).
  • It can be used at any port of entry, whether by sea, air, or land
  • The whole procedure for obtaining a business visa for Vietnam takes about 7 working days.
  • Before you leave, a business visa will be issued for Vietnam.

It is available for use by businesspeople from the Netherlands at any embassy or consulate of Vietnam. Businesspeople from the Netherlands must fill out and sign an application form and bring it in with their passport, a picture, and the visa stamping cost in order to do this.

The Netherlands nationals will arrive in Vietnam with their business visas already in hand. As a result, they won’t have to wait in line to get their visas stamped at the airport.

For persons in the NETHERLANDS who don’t reside near to the Vietnamese Embassy or Consulate, acquiring a business visa for Vietnam at the embassy is not a simple procedure. Check out the other two options, please.

2.1/ Vietnam visa on arrival for Netherlands people at Vietnamese airport 2023

What’s crucial:

  • You just need to complete an entrance and exit application form, so it’s simple to complete.
  • It may be used to apply for a tourist visa, a business visa, or another form of visa (1–3 month with single or multiple entry visa).
  • You can only receive this visa at Hanoi, Danang, Ho Chi Minh, Cam Ranh, Cat Bi, or Phu Quoc Airport, which are all international airports in Vietnam. As a result, it is only a choice for those who are flying.
  • You must apply for the permission letter online before taking a flight to Vietnam.
  • The processing time for an online acceptance letter for a Vietnam visa is typically 3 working days.

A smart decision with many advantages is to get a Vietnam visa on arrival. NETHERLANDS citizens may use Visa on Arrival to apply for longer-term and multiple-entry visas without physically visiting the embassy. NETHERLANDS All that is required of citizens is a pre-visa permission letter, an entrance and departure application form, their original passport, a picture, and the visa stamping cost.

How may citizens of the NETHERLANDS get a business visa to Vietnam at the airport?

There are two phases involved in obtaining a business visa:

The first step is to apply online for a visa acceptance letter.

Before entering the nation for business, employment, or investment purposes, applicants must obtain a Visa Approval Letter from the Immigration Department. Foreigners may enter Vietnam and get a Vietnam business visa at one of the nation’s international airports with the help of the Visa Approval Letter, a legal document authorized by the Vietnam Immigration Department.

To get an online Vietnam visa acceptance letter, go here: Applicants from the NETHERLANDS  do not need to provide any more papers than their personal information and visa information. An email with the visa acceptance letter will be delivered to them after three business days.

Step 2: get a business visa upon arrival.

The following documentation must be presented at the Vietnam visa on arrival counter by Netherlands nationals upon arrival in Vietnam: two 4×6-cm photos, the hard copy of the letter approving the business visa, the completed application for entry and exit, and a passport that is valid for at least six months after the date of arrival and has at least two blank pages.

Whether the visa is single entry or multiple entrance will determine the price of the visa stamp (USD25 for single entry, USD50 for multiple entry). Cash is required for payment.

The immigration officer will review your paperwork after you have provided them, at which point they will stamp your passport with the appropriate visa.

2.3/ Getting Vietnam online business visa for NETHERLANDS citizen in 2023

What’s crucial is that doing it online makes it quick and simple. To give in your visa, you are not required to go anywhere.

  • It may be used to submit an application for a visa, whether it be for a business or tourist visa.
  • It has a 30-day expiration date and can only be used once.
  • This visa allows entry into Vietnam by land, air, or sea.
  • The processing of an application for a Vietnam business E-visa takes three business days.

For NETHERLANDS businesspeople right present, obtaining an E-visa for Vietnam seems to be the best choice. The Vietnam E-30-day visa’s validity and one-time usage restriction are its primary drawbacks. If you wish to remain in Vietnam for a longer period of time, it won’t work.

For Dutch nationals who want to remain for less than 30 days, it is regarded as the best option. You won’t have to worry about creating cumbersome paperwork since everything will be done online.

How can Netherlands citizens get an electronic visa for Vietnam?

Obtaining a business e-visa for Vietnam will be entirely online for nationals of the Netherlands. Applying for a Vietnam E-visa online is possible by visiting this page: .

Simply fill out the application form with your personal information and visa details, attach your passport, and upload a picture if you want to relocate to the NETHERLANDS.

The online approval for the Vietnam E-visa will be issued to the provided email address after three business days.

We just found how NETHERLANDS businesses might get a business visa for Vietnam. They may accomplish this in person at the Vietnamese embassy or consulate, when they arrive in the country, at the airport, or online using a Vietnam E-visa. If you have questions concerning a business visa for Vietnam, don’t be afraid to write us at .

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