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[Vietnam E-visa for US Passport 2023] Detailed Instructions for Obtaining a Vietnam E-Visa for US Citizens

Since 2022, Vietnam has reopened E-visa application, and US passport holders may still submit visa applications online and get E-visa approval before visiting Vietnam. This page will provide you with full information on the Vietnam E-visa for US passports, which was modified in 2023, including:

  • Vietnam E-visa Types for US Citizens
  • Documents needed to apply for a Vietnam E-visa for US nationals
  • How to Apply for a Vietnam E-visa for US Citizens
  • Vietnam E-visa Validity for US Citizens
  • Entry criteria for US residents having E-visas to Vietnam
  • Entry points accepting Vietnam E-visas for US nationals

1/ A brief overview of the Vietnam E-visa for US passport holders

The Vietnam E-visa is a 30-day electronic visa that was established in February 2017 for foreigners who wish to visit Vietnam for tourist, business, or transit. The online application allows US citizens with a valid passport to apply for a visa, saving both time and money.

The Vietnam E-visa is a single entry visa that permits holders of US passports to enter Vietnam for up to 30 days. Eligible US citizens should apply for visas online using a phone or another internet-connected device. Each applicant will thereafter get an email with the approved E-visa paperwork.

The Vietnam electronic visa system eliminates the need for US passport holders to pay stamping fees or wait in lengthy queues upon arrival in Vietnam!

2/ Vietnam E-visa kinds for holders of US passports in 2023

Vietnam E-visa for US passport comes in one form: a single-entry permit for stays of up to 30 days, which is completed within three business days.

Every American citizen with a valid Vietnam E-visa may utilize their entrance authorization for the following purposes:

  • Tourism: With a Vietnam tourist E-visa, you may engage in any leisure-related activity. Going on vacation, visiting friends and family, or touring the nation may all be considered tourist activities.
  • Business: For all travels to Vietnam linked to business matters. Whether you need to discuss future collaboration, hunt for new business possibilities, or negotiate a contract, the Vietnam business E-visa will allow you to do it all!
  • Transit: Anyone transiting via Vietnam to their ultimate destination may utilize the Vietnam transit E-visa to gain admission.

3/ Documents needed to apply for a Vietnam E-visa for US passport 2023

Vietnam E-visa requirements for US passport holders are simple and straightforward. Only two papers are required for a successful online application for Vietnam E-visa from US citizens:

  • A digital snapshot of the bio-data page of passport
  • Photograph of applicant’s face

Applicants from the United States may snap a photo of their passport and a personal shot using their phone. The passport photo must clearly display all details.

4/ How to Apply for a Vietnam E-visa over the Internet for US citizens in 2023

To enter Vietnam, holders of US passport must apply for a visa online from home or any other location with an internet connection. It will just take a few minutes to submit a Vietnam E-visa application for a US passport.

Spend a few minutes and follow this simple approach to apply for a Vietnam E-visa for US passport and have the approved online visa sent directly to your inbox:

  • To apply for a Vietnam E-visa, go to .
  • Select the objective of your visit (business or tourist) and begin filling out the application form.
  • Next, include a picture of the applicant’s face as well as a copy of the bio-data page of a valid passport.
  • Pay the E-visa cost using your selected safe online payment option.
  • Look in your inbox for the confirmation number. The Vietnam E-visa will be sent to the applicant’s email address as a PDF document. Make a copy of the received document and bring it with you when you arrive.

The processing period for obtaining a Vietnam E-visa for a US passport may take up to 3 business days; thus, apply at least 7 days before your Vietnam trip.

5/ Vietnam E-visa validity time for US passport 2023

The single-entry Vietnam E-visa permits US passport holders to remain in Vietnam for 30 days. Also, the validity term is 30 days.

Vietnam E-visa for US passports is valid for one month and starts on the date entered on the application form, not the actual date. USA Travelers must depart before their E-visa expires.

When applying for a Vietnam E-visa online, US passport holders should provide the right arrival date to ensure that the Vietnam E-visa is legitimate.

6/ Requirements for US citizens entering Vietnam with an E-visa in 2023

Travelers from the United States who enter Vietnam using an E-visa should have two papers ready before they arrive:

  • a valid United States passport that will not expire for at least 6 months after the intended arrival date
  • a printed copy of Vietnam E-visa

Passport holders from the United States who have a Vietnam E-visa do not need to pay the extra stamp costs upon arrival and may bypass the huge lineups at the visa on arrival desk.

7/ Entry points that accept Vietnam E-visas for US passport holders 2023

Applicants from the United States should pick one of the following points of entry into Vietnam and specify their choice on their online visa application. Airports, land borders, and seaports are all included.

Applicants from the United States cannot modify the entrance gate they picked on the application form, so be sure to choose the correct one when completing the E-visa application.

We recently shared all information about Vietnam E-visa application for USA passport holders, including required documents to submit Vietnam E-visa for USA citizens, types of Vietnam E-visa for USA citizens, procedure to apply for Vietnam E-visa for USA citizens, validity of Vietnam E-visa for USA citizens, Vietnam entry requirements for USA citizens with E-visa, and entry ports that accept Vietnam E-visa for USA citizens. In 2023, all information is updated. For further information about the Vietnam E-visa for US passports, please contact us at .

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