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2023 Vietnam Visa

[Vietnam E-visa For Business 2023] How Portuguese Businessmen Can Get Vietnam E-Visa

Vietnam requires a visa for all Portuguese businessmen. Portuguese passport holders may acquire a Vietnam business visa easily nowadays. Since February 1, 2017, Vietnam e-Visa has been available to international tourists, notably Portuguese businesspeople. Portuguese businesses may apply for a Vietnam business E-visa online in minutes.

1/ Vietnam business E-visa for Portuguese 2023

E-visa for Vietnam is the most modern way. Portuguese passport holders may apply online and get visa acceptance through email. Portuguese businesspeople may get a Vietnam E-visa online.

Vietnam business E-visa is a one-month, single-entry visa for business purposes, such as:

  • Portuguese coming to Vietnam for a brief working trip.
  • Portuguese business travelers visiting Vietnam may utilize an E-visa.
  • Portuguese business travelers visiting Vietnam may utilize an E-visa.
  • Portuguese visitors entering Vietnam for business may utilize an E-visa.
  • Portuguese investors in Vietnam may utilize an E-visa.
  • Portuguese business travelers visiting Vietnam may utilize an E-visa.

2/ Where may Portuguese with a business E-visa enter Vietnam?

Portuguese may enter Vietnam at 33 entry gates, including airports, land borders, and seaports.

Portuguese may enter Vietnam with a business E-visa via the following ports:

Portuguese businesspeople must specify a particular entry port when completing their online E-visa application. Portuguese businesspeople must enter Vietnam via the E-visa port after clearance. Portuguese businesspeople who change entry ports must apply for a Business E-visa.

3/ Validity of Vietnam business E-visa for Portuguese 2023

Vietnam business E-visa for Portuguese is restricted by entry type and validity. Portuguese businesspeople can only get a 30-day single-entry E-visa. The Portuguese Vietnam business E-visa does not permit repeated entries or stays more than 30 days.

4/ Requirements and process to get Vietnam business E-visa for Portuguese 2023

Portuguese businesspeople require the following papers to apply for a Vietnam E-visa:

  • Passport picture page
  • Personal picture (without glasses)

Portuguese businesspeople must upload these digital materials with their visa application.

5/ How to apply for a Vietnamese business E-visa in 2023

Link to Vietnam business E-visa form:

Portuguese businessmen must complete out the form. Uploading a picture and passport completes the online application.

Portuguese business E-visa application is easy to complete. Online application will be complete in minutes.

Portuguese businesses will get a code to verify the outcome. Processing takes 3 working days. Portuguese will get an email regarding business E-visa approval.

Please print visa approvals. At the entrance gate, Portuguese businesspeople must produce their E-visa and passport. After landing in Vietnam, no paperwork needed.

In 2023, Portuguese may get a Vietnam business E-visa. Portuguese businesspeople may receive an E-visa in 3 days. For additional information, email .

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