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E-Visa for Irish Citizens to Visit Vietnam in 2023 – Information for Irish Citizens Seeking a Tourist E-Visa to Vietnam

Since its official release in February 2017, thousands of tourists from outside of Vietnam have been interested in applying for an electronic visa to visit the country. If you have an Irish passport, you may be eligible for a Vietnam e-visa. What are the steps to getting an electronic visa to visit Vietnam if you’re Irish in the year 2023? Before applying for an e-visa to Vietnam, here are some essential facts that all Irish visitors should know.

1/ What is a Vietnam tourist e-visa for Irish?

Since February 2017, foreigners visiting Vietnam may apply for an electronic visa online via the Vietnam Immigration Department. The process for obtaining this kind of visa for Vietnam is entirely digital. The 30-day, single-entry Vietnam tourist e-visa is subject to Vietnam’s visa requirements.

Tourism e-visas for Vietnam have been reinstated as of March 15, 2022, following the same rules and procedures as before the Covid-19 suspension.

2/ Is Vietnam Tourist E-visa possible for Irish citizens in 2023?

Ireland is one of the 80 nations whose passports qualify for a Vietnam Tourist E-visa, as per Government Resolution No. 79/NQ-CP of May 25, 2020.

Visitors from Ireland may still apply for a tourist E-visa to Vietnam via the website. Irish nationals may get their Vietnam visas in just a few minutes by filling out the convenient online application.

3/ Vietnam entrance points accept Irish citizens with Vietnam Tourist E-visa 2023

Irish citizens may now apply for a Vietnam e-visa online before to their departure on a plane, train, or ship. It’s effective at any of the following 33 checkpoints.

Irish travellers applying for a Tourist E-visa online must specify which entrance gate they want to use even if there are several such gates at which they will be allowed admission with their e-visa. In order to enter Vietnam after receiving an authorised electronic visa, Irish citizens must use the corresponding entry gate indicated on their e-visa. To use a different port of entry, Irish visitors now need to apply for a new tourist E-visa.

4/ Instructions for Irish citizens to apply for a Vietnam tourist e-visa in 2023

Irish visitors visiting Vietnam who want to apply for an e-visa online should have the following documents on hand:

  • Minimum six-month passport validity required.
  • Include a photocopy of the information page from your passport.
  • A snapshot of yourself (without glasses)
  • A credit card or debit card that may be used to pay the visa processing charge
  • An electronic mail address at which the applicant may be contacted with the results of their electronic visa application

5/ Information for Irish Citizens Seeking for a Tourist E-Visa to Vietnam in 2023

In order to get a Vietnam tourist E-visa, Irish citizens need to adhere to the procedures outlined below.

To apply for a Vietnam e-visa as an Irish tourist, visit the Vietnamese immigration’s website.

It is necessary to:

  • Complete the E-visa application form with the applicant’s information;
  • Complete the E-visa application form with the trip’s information;
  • Upload a photocopy of the data page from your passport and the E-visa fee; and
  • Pay the E-visa fee using one of the available payment methods.
  • Please wait for your registration code and E-visa processing.

6/ E-visa processing time for Irish tourists to Vietnam in 2023

Tourist E-visas for Vietnam typically take three business days to complete for Irish passport holders. Irish travellers should apply for a Vietnam e-visa at least two weeks before their trip to prevent any unnecessary hassles.

For those who need to get their Vietnam tourist E-visas quickly, the “express service” option on the visa application form is available to Irish nationals. Tourists from Ireland may get their visas issued in as little as one business day, or as quickly as two.

Irish travellers who require a Vietnam tourist E-visa quickly need just apply online, choose “express service,” and pay an additional cost. The rush price varies according on how quickly you need it.

Irish visitors often forego the more expensive expedited option if they are not in a hurry. After the standard three business days, your electronic visa will be granted. (Please note that weekends and Vietnamese holidays are not included in the term “working days.”)

7/ Vietnam tourist E-visa for Irish citizens 2023

E-visa approval for Irish citizens travelling to Vietnam as tourists begins on the day of entrance and concludes on the date of departure. Irish visitors visiting Vietnam who want to apply for an electronic visa must first establish an entrance and departure date:

  • Irish nationals who have been granted an e-visa may enter Vietnam on or after the entry date shown on their document.
  • Irish nationals are required to leave Vietnam on or before the expiration date shown on their approved electronic visa.
  • E-visas for tourists visiting Vietnam are valid for a maximum of 30 days and only allow for one entrance. If you leave Vietnam, your E-visa will be instantly null and void.

To that end, we have researched the specifics of the Vietnam e-visa for Irish passport holders in the year 2023, including the paperwork needed, the length of time the visa is valid for, the cost, and the application process. Feel free to write us at if you have any more inquiries concerning the Vietnam e-visa or the country’s admission criteria.

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