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Documents Required to Apply for Electronic Visa to Enter Vietnam for Australian Citizens 2023 – How to Apply for Vietnam Electronic Visa for Australian

Beginning in 2022, Vietnam allowed back foreign visitors from throughout the globe, including those travelling with Australian passports. One of the most viable options for those who are residents of Australia and are interested in travelling to Vietnam but want to reduce the amount of time spent planning the trip is the Vietnam Electronic Visa. What kinds of documentation does a person from Australia need to have ready in order to apply for an electronic visa to Vietnam? How to apply for an electronic visa to Vietnam if you are an Australian citizen in 2023?

1/ Documents needed to apply for an electronic visa to Vietnam from Australia in 2023

People from Australia who want to apply for a Vietnam E-visa should have their paperwork ready in advance. In point of fact, the requirements for submitting an application for an e-visa to Vietnam from Australia are extremely straightforward. Instead of bringing a large number of physical papers to the appointment, as was previously required, Australians now just need to prepare a few digital files and submit the application online.

The following papers were required in order to apply for a Vietnam e-visa from Australia in 2023:

  • A scan or image of the information page from your Australian passport;
  • Your passport must be valid for at least six months.
  • Photographs of applicant’s faces without their spectacles

When applying for a Vietnam e-visa, holders of Australian passports are exempt from providing any original paperwork and also are not required to present proof of an onward or return flight when they do so. The whole of the process will be carried out online, including the uploading of the essential papers to the visa application form in the form of digital files.

Nevertheless, a personal picture and a scan of your passport need to fulfil a few more requirements. When applying for a Vietnam e-visa online, Australian citizens should pay careful attention to the criteria for their passports and photos:

2/ Instructions on How to Apply for a Vietnam Electronic Visa from Australia in 2023

Following careful preparation of the required documentation, citizens of Australia may apply for a Vietnam e-visa by following the instructions that are outlined below:

The webpage for applying for a Vietnam e-visa must be accessed by citizens of Australia, who must then follow the instructions provided on the website in order to complete the application form.

When applying for a visa online, Australians are required to choose all relevant information, including their nationality, the kind of visa they want to apply for, the airport at which they will enter the country, the airport at which they will leave the country, the entrance date, and the departure date. The application procedure for a visa may also be sped up for Australians by selecting the urgent service option. In order to get the visa result and other information, applicants from Australia are asked to provide an email address on the application form.

After that, Australian citizens are needed to submit the following papers using the Vietnam e-visa application form:

  • When applying for an e-visa to Vietnam, Australians are required to provide a page from their passport including personal information.
  • When applying for an e-visa to Vietnam, Australians are required to supply a picture of themselves.

After that, Australians will be required to pay the required cost for a Vietnam visa, and the application procedure will be finished. E-visa approval will be provided to the email address that was recorded on the E-visa application form when the processing period has passed (which is three working days for normal service and one working day for urgent service). All information provided to Australians need to be double checked to guarantee that it is accurate.

It is strongly suggested that people of Australia print out a physical copy of the E-visa approval to keep for their records. When entering Vietnam by airline or going through the immigration procedure, Australians are obliged to provide their Vietnam e-visas. This is the case even if they already have a valid visa.

To summarise, the requirements for filing an electronic visa application for Vietnam for those holding an Australian passport have been streamlined, and it is simple to get ready. The electronic visa application form may accept a photograph of the applicant’s passport and a personal photo that was taken on an Australian citizen’s smartphone. Please check that all of the data and information is understandable. Please get in touch with us at if you have any questions on the Vietnam E-visa application for Australian citizens, as well as the specifications for the passport and picture that are needed to submit an application for a Vietnam E-visa for Australian citizens.

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