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Are INDIA Passport Exempted From Vietnam Visa 2023? Can people from INDIA go to Vietnam without a visa?

After a long time of quarantine and social isolation because of Covid-19, more people want to go abroad. Vietnam is one of the top places that people with an INDIA passport like to visit. For travelling to Vietnam, do INDIA passport require a visa? Is there a way to get into Vietnam without a visa if you have a passport from India? Let’s look at the answer.

1/ Are INDIA Passport Exempted From Vietnam Visa 2023 ?

Some countries need to get a visa ahead of time to visit Vietnam, while others don’t. Until now, people from 24 countries have been able to enter Vietnam without a visa. Most of them can visit Vietnam as tourists for up to 15 days without getting a visa. The INDIA passport, on the other hand, is not on this list. In 2023, people from INDIA will still need a Vietnam visa to enter the country.

People from INDIA need to get a Vietnam visa before they can take a flight to Vietnam. Before letting any passenger board, the airline staff will check the visa. People from INDIA who don’t have a Vietnam visa won’t be able to fly to Vietnam.

Even though INDIA passport is not on the list of countries that don’t need a visa to enter Vietnam, INDIA citizens can still easily apply for a Vietnam visa online. People from INDIA can get a Vietnam visa online in two ways: Visa on arrival and E-visa.

No matter what method people in INDIA use, their passports must have at least six months left to get a Vietnam visa.

2/ How to apply online for Vietnam visa with passport from India in 2023?

Passport holders from INDIA can easily apply for a Vietnam visa online from any device with internet access. People in INDIA don’t have to leave their homes to apply for a visa. They can do it all online, and the result will be sent to their email.

Visa on Arrival (VOA) and Vietnam e-visa are the two ways that people with an INDIA passport can apply for a Vietnam visa online.

2.1/ How to apply for a Vietnam e-visa with a passport from India in 2023?

India is one of the 80 countries whose citizens can apply online for a Vietnam e-visa until 2023. This has to be done before people from INDIA land in Vietnam. So, people with passports from INDIA must apply for and get a Vietnam E-visa before they can board.

INDIA citizens can click here to apply for a Vietnam e-visa:

The e-visa system began in Vietnam on February 1, 2017. Even though E-visa was put on hold for a while, the online application system is now back up and running for everyone.

Citizens of INDIA need a scan or digital photo of their passport and a recent digital photo of themselves with a white background (no hats or glasses). People from INDIA will have their E-visa application processed after they have filled out all the information and uploaded images. Three days after that, people with INDIA passport will get an email with e-visa attached. Bring this with you to Vietnam along with your passport.

2.2/ How to apply for visa on arrival in Vietnam with Indian passport in 2023?

Before the e-visa system was put in place, visa on arrival was the most common way for people from INDIA to get Vietnam visa. In fact, Indians will get a visa on arrival when they land at a Vietnamese airport. People from INDIA must apply for a visa approval letter before they can fly to Vietnam.

The Visa Approval Letter is not the same as the e-visa. This official letter is given by the Vietnam immigration department and is applied for online. However, this visa approval letter is used for getting visa when you arrive at Vietnamese airport. Without the visa approval letter, you cannot get visa on arrival.

Vietnam visa on arrival only works if you arrive in one of the major international cities: Saigon (HCMC), Hanoi, Nha Trang, Da Nang, Hai Phong, or Phu Quoc. People from INDIA should get a Vietnam E-visa if they want to enter Vietnam by land from a neighbouring country.

How to get a Vietnam visa on arrival if you are from India in 2023

The steps to getting a visa when you arrive in Vietnam are as follows:

Step 1: Apply visa approval letter online

The online application form for a Vietnam visa approval letter can be found at . Indian citizens only need to click and fill out all the required information; they don’t need to send in any physical documents. Processing a Vietnam visa approval letter for a person from INDIA takes about 3 working days.

Step 2: Print out visa approval letter

Once the visa is approved, a letter of approval will be sent to the email address that was given on the visa application form. People from INDIA should print it out and bring it with them to Vietnam.

Step 3: Reserve a flight

If you are a citizen of INDIA and haven’t already booked a flight to Vietnam, you should do so after you get the letter approving your visa. Flights can be booked without a visa, but people from INDIA need to show an E-visa or a visa approval letter before they can get on the plane.

Step 4: Arrive in Vietnam

When they arrive, people with INDIA passport should go to the visa-on-arrival counter to get the application form. To give out a visa, the immigration officer will need to see your passport, Visa Approval Letter, and photos. Write important information like your passport number, the date it was issued, and the date it will expire on the visa application form.

Two personal photos are required by law, but the office may only ask for one. These photos should be roughly 4 x 6 centimetres, which is the official size. Some airports have kiosks where INDIA citizens can get photos taken for a small fee if they don’t have photos that meet the requirements.

After a few minutes, people from INDIA will get their passports back with a Vietnam visa sticker inside. This will finish the visa process.

To sum up, people with an INDIA passport need a visa to enter Vietnam. Technology has made it so that Indian tourists who want to get a Vietnam visa no longer have to contact Vietnamese embassies and consulates directly, which is usually more expensive and takes more time. Right now, people with INDIA passport can get a Vietnam E-visa or a Vietnam visa on arrival. This means that people from INDIA can choose the easiest way to apply for a Vietnam visa online. If you want to know exactly how to apply for a Vietnam visa online with passport from India in 2023, please call us or send an email to .

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